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Adventures With Ordinary Household Appliances

Misadventures in Music

5 February 1913
I'm in the classical music business. I do all the regular human things, like burping, eating sushi, and pretending to have a life.
anatomy, anthropology, apple, art, astronomy, bach, bass, batman, beethoven, being clumsy, bones, bonking my head, books, breakfast, breaking things, breckenridge, bunnies, carpal tunnel syndrome, catholicism, cheese, china, chinese, chinese art, chinese food, chinese literature, chinese movies, chinese opera, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon toast, classical music, coffee, coloring books, counterpoint, cracking up, csi, cynicism, dave barry, disease, dogs, double bass, drinking lots of water, ebola, enloe, epidemiology, espresso, exploding microwaves, exploring, fencing, flowers, forensics, forests, fourteeners, frisbee, fugues, funny signs, goofing off, happy blue shoes, harry potter, hero, hiking, homestar runner, humiliating myself publicly, indiana university, infectious diseases, interlochen, iu, jokes, kahlua, landscapes, laughing, learning, literature, mahler, making people laugh, martial arts, mensa, mirrors, muppets, murdering microwaves, music, my bed, naps, national repertory orchestra, national sarcasm society, nature, ninjas, orchestra, ordinary household appliances, panthers, photography, pin-ups, pirates, plague, poison, practicing, procrastination, pushing big red buttons, puzzles, rain, raleigh, reading, red dwarf, riddles, robert frost, roses, sarcasm, sherlock holmes, silence, sitting by myself, skeletons, slacking off, sleeping, smallpox, smart asses, snakes, snape, snuggling, soft pillows, soft sheets, solitude, somethingawful.com, spiders, st. raphael, star trek, starbucks, stuffing my face, surviving, taking pictures, the sea, the sky, toasters on fire, tolkien, usamriid, vampires, virus hunting, wallace and gromit, wasting time, water, wine, woods, working out